Some of My Published Students


Like normal peopleKaren Bender  LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE  (Mariner Books, April, 2001)





ThesnowtrainJoseph Cummins  THE SNOW TRAIN (Akashic Books, September 1, 2000); PRESDIENT OBAMA AND THE NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM: Obama’s and Lincoln’s Inaugural Addresses and Much More, Collins (February 24, 2009)




BornConfusedTanuja Desai  Hidier  BORN CONFUSED; (Scholastic Paperbacks, July 1, 2003); KARMA GIRL (Bertelsmann, February 28, 2006)





Life in the air oceanSylvia Foley   LIFE IN THE AIR OCEAN (Knopf; February 2, 1999)





Book of night womenMarlon James   JOHN CROW’S DEVIL (Akashic Books, 2005); THE BOOK OF NIGHT WOMEN (Riverhead Books, 2009)





BEtterhomesandhusbandsValerie Leff   BETTER HOMES AND HUSBANDS (St. Martin’s Griffin, May 12, 2005)






Heart of tocTim McLoughlin   HEART OF THE OLD COUNTRY (Akashic Books, April 1, 2001) Made into film “The Narrows”





Motel Girl

Greg Sanders    MOTEL GIRL (Red Hen Press, 2008)






SingleWifeNina Solomon   SINGLE WIFE  (Algonquin Books, Jun 12, 2003)






The Secret Life oppil

Simon Van Booy   THE SECRET LIVES OF PEOPLE IN LOVE; LOVE BEGINS IN WINTER (Harper Perennial, May, 2009)






Meri Weiss   CLOSER TO FINE, (Kensington Books, July 1, 2008) Finalist for LAMBDA Award





TheRebelWifeTaylor Polites THE REBEL WIFE (Simon & Schuster, 2012)





City of silverAnnamaria Alfieri
CITY OF SILVER (Minotaur, April 2011)
INVISIBLE COUNTRY (Minotaur, July 2012)







Thesea Tuohy







Robert Knightly