Thankful — Or Not — It’s A Choice

Ever since I got back from my book tour about two weeks ago, I’ve been in an emotional slump, a kind of low-grade depression that makes my limbs and heart feel heavy. I am not exactly sure what has caused it. Probably a combination of things. Since the publication of my book at the end […]

Breakfast With the Marines

My friend Ray Elliott took me to his Wednesday morning Marine breakfast at Sammy’s in Champaign, IL. They stood up and clapped, even though my father was regular Army. I told them that one of my dad’s best friends, Eddie Morgan, had been a Marine. He’d joined at 17 and was part of the First […]

My Book Gets a Recommendation From a Teen

From my friend and tae kwon do buddy, Denise Brecher: “My daughter quoted you in school today. They had someone come to school to talk to students about chemical dependency. The man who spoke to Jamie’s class said that in his family the word “alcoholic” was only used on drunk homeless people on the street. […]