Quite The Other Way
Twenty-five-year-old Clinton Gray travels to Moscow to study Russian at the Gorky Institute — and to uncover her father’s secret life. Alexander Clinton Gray was a famous war correspondent who made his name with vivid accounts of the battles fought on Russian soil during World War II. His daughter hopes to find answers to questions that have haunted her since her father’s death. Moscow in the mid-1980s is in the throes of glasnost, but for most Russians life is still hard and uncertain. Clinton befriends an assortment of quirky Russians — Andrej, the playwright who instantly proposes marriage; Rita, a petty, feisty housewife; and the benevolent Yelena Davidovna, who has secrets to tell about Clinton’s father. The book captures the character of Russian life during the period — the long lines for food, the phones that are likely to be tapped — as well as the friendships that blossom among the foreign students living in the closely guarded Institute and the romance that Clinton embarks on with fellow student Phil Chase. The story sweeps us into a unique time and place, Russia on the brink of change, and captures the journey of a young woman searching for resolution.

“Kaylie Jones writes with great honesty about a tricky and charged subject and so succeeds in giving us a portrait of life in Moscow at this hour, which is more than entertaining in its interest.”-Norman Mailer

“Brilliant. Funny, moving and passionate. Quite the Other Way is a book you’ll want to read and recommend to others. It’s first-rate fiction.” –Shana Alexander