It’s a New Dawn

Yesterday I drove to Sag Harbor. As I turned onto the sun-drenched blue stretch of Long Beach, I could see a corner of my friend Janine Veto’s old street and I started thinking about the days when I used to drive out to teach at Southampton College with Baby Eyrna in back, in her tiny […]

Uncensored GAME OF THRONES Battle Royale

After having a great intellectual and stimulating time at the Akashic party for LONG ISLAND NOIR at Mysterious Book Shop, Kevin and I came home and watched the Season 2 finale of GAME OF THRONES on HBO. Here is my private, uncensored conversation on Facebook: Kaylie Jones: Why I do not like GAME OF THRONES: […]

Mothers on the Writing Life

ARE YOU MY MOTHER? Mothers on the Writing Life Thursday, May 10 7:00 – 9:00pm THE STRAND BOOKSTORE 828 Broadway, New York City Join us for an evening of readings, discussion, book signings … and a champagne toast for Mothers Day! The Strand Bookstore has partnered with six talented authors for an honest look and […]

POE ON POETRY By Eyrna Heisler

[I am thrilled with Eyrna’s 9th grade English teacher at Stuyvesant. He allows her to think outside the box and use her creative abilities in her papers. It is so hard for students to appreciate classic literature, with all the other media available to them, and the speed at which entertainment is offered these days. […]