The Paperback Is Here!


“Unadorned, poignant, and honest to the core, Kaylie Jones’ memoir is a light emerging from the shadows of the writing life.” –Colum McCann, author of Let the Great World Spin, winner of the National Book Award

Shattering, totally scary, yet beautiful … A splendid, splendid book … completely gripping from start to finish, and written with grace and zest … A fine book.” — Tim O’Brien, author of Going After Cacciato, winner of the National Book Award

While I have not yet held the paperback in my hands, here is the cover. Some fantastic quotes grace the opening pages, and I am honored by each one. A year later, I’m still glad I wrote this book and I’m more proud of it than of all my others put together. Family and friends were concerned that I was exposing myself too much, and that I would regret it later. I haven’t regretted it for a moment. I still receive emails from readers who thank me for telling the truth as I saw it. Every email I receive means the world to me. That readers take the time to reach out is incredible to me, as writing, really, is a job we do alone. Now with the Internet, we writers are much more able to communicate with our readers, and I see that as a true gift.

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