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 The things we change in this book for propriety’s sake will in five years, or ten years, come in someone else’s book anyway … and we will wonder why we thought we couldn’t do it. Writing has to keep evolving into deeper honesty, like everything else, and you cannot stand on past precedent or theory, and still evolve…You know there is nothing salacious in this book as well as I do. Therefore, whatever changes you want made along that line will be made for propriety, and propriety is a very inconstant thing.

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Perez Hilton

“My father fought bitterly to hold on to every four-letter word in the manuscript. The publisher was concerned about getting through the censors.”

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The Daily Mail

Six decades after it was published, Jones’ daughter Kaylie agreed to release the original version in digital form. The print version will remain the same.

‘It’s been on my mind for quite a few years, and the right moment just hadn’t come up yet,’ she said.

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Jones says that a common theme in the stories is the chasm between Long Island’s rich and poor. On the island, Jones says, “there’s this enormous wealth and waste which is destroying the environment, and the wealth doesn’t trickle down.” Explains Jones: “The whole collection is connected by greed for something we don’t have, and jealousy.”

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