is a New York based imprint, founded by Kaylie Jones, that will create a cooperative of dedicated emerging and established writers who will play an integral part in the publishing process, from reading manuscripts, editing, offering advice, to advertising the upcoming publications. The list of brilliant novels unable to find homes within the mainstream is growing every day. It is our hope to publish books that bravely address serious issues—historical or contemporary—relevant to society today. Just because a book addresses serious topics and may include tragic events does not mean that the narrative cannot be amusing, fast-paced, plot-driven, and lyrical all at once.

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  • Charles Bane, Jr.

    Kaylie Jones Books is the legacy to her father that allows James Jones to be remembered as he would have most liked: in the works of brave, new artists.
    Jones herself , the author of the prizewinning “Lies My Mother Never Told Me”, is a deeply gifted writer of selfless love and the creation of KLB is equally selfless. May her company thrive, soar and be supported.
    – Charles Bane, Jr. Pushcart Prize nominated poet, Creator of The Meaning Of Poetry for The Gutenberg Project, and current nominee as Florida Poet Laureate.

  • webmaster

    Thank you for these wonderful comments, Charles.