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  • Helen Howe

    I just finished reading your blog. Ray told me how to find it (I am still a computer ignoramus since I swore to place only required material in my old brain. It will be 83 years old later this month.) I am delighted with what I have read. I always thought that the most honesty came from teens as our panel at the Symposium illustrated with our high school seniors. I must admit I have changed that attitude a little since reading your book(two times by the way; once when the Robinson library got a copy and again when I got my very own copy courtesy of my nieces.) Your honesty and perception are such a gift. I wish Tinker could have read this book too because he would have been so pleased with the way you were able to handle it. You made it look almost mundane although those of us who have faced it know better. Your attitude toward life, living, and what really matters makes my heart sing. My love to you, dear.