About the author: Steffen Rasile

  • charlieperkins

    I watched your Video after attending your workshop here in Atlanta. I am working on my memoir. Your truths spoken help to remind us all that we are not alone in our sufferings from childhood pain. It is strange to me that we all carry this pain around through out our lives. We seem to hold onto what is destructive to our very soul. When you spoke, I could see clearly that you have not put your life up on a shelf and walked away from it. Instead you dealt with and spoke about it. You are a fighter. Thank you for your honesty and help. Charlie

  • Linda

    I’ve just finished reading your book and I cannot tell you how much it touched me, both as a daughter of an alcoholic mother and as one myself (I haven’t quit, yet, mom is deceased). There were so many things that spoke to me, but what struck me the most is something one of your therapists said, “Depression is anger turned inward.” That’s says it all for me. The courage and strength you possessed to overcome what you did and come out strong in the end, knowing and speaking your truth, astonishes me. It provides hope the same will happen for me – when it’s time.